We provide a comprehensive web consultancy service either for an existing project needing re-design or a completely new one. Our aim is to understand the needs of our clients and to work with them to develop an appropriate web strategy.

Do you feel like it is time to upgrade your existing website and are unsure of which direction to take? We can review your existing website, work with you to establish goals, focus on providing added value and help you get the best of what the internet can offer.

We know it is of utmost importance that our clients retain their Identity – their corporate style should be consistent and continued recognition ensured in today’s New Media communication. We co-operate closely with our clients so that their Identity is realised down to the most minute detail.

We have an in-depth understanding of all aspets of a project management cycle and understand how to avoid the major pitfalls and problems. To communicate effectively we design websites for our clients using ‘best practice’ in web usability and accessibility.


Dok Architecten Amsterdam – web consultancy, design, development and CMS tools.
Atelier Zeinstra Van der Pol Architects Amsterdam – web consultancy, design, development and management.
Jeanne Dekkers Architecture Delft – Web consultancy, web design and Internet development.
No Campo, Holiday Rentals Portugal – Graphic design, web design and Internet realisation.
BVD Brand Value Development of Jan Peter van Doorn and Rob Benjamens Amsterdam – web design and Internet realisation.

Internet consultancy, graphic design, web design and Internet realisation for Tomorrow Is Now, Kid!, Sunset Portugal, Big Bit Studios Portugal, TINK! Records Holland, TINK! Music Portugal, Portland Sound Studios, Holland, Penya Africa Music company Kenya, Met Stem Voice workshops, Bobby Farrell of Boney M, Zanillya MC/rapper, Transistor Rhythm events, Ten Twelve Disco and Club 909, D’Azeite Portugal, Beatflakes, Holland, Tom Tom, Holland.